With over 20 years of lettings experience and the largest independent letting specialist locally, we feel well placed to understand the complexities involved with letting properties so our tenants can feel secure in using our services.

As the only Trading Standards Approved letting agent locally, Anthony Lettings has put in place stringent processes from finding a home for tenants, through to check out.

Whether you are relocating, moving in with a partner or looking to up-size, our lettings’ experts are here to help understand your needs and find a service that suits you best.


Prior to the tenancy being offered, credit, employer, previous landlord and bank references may be obtained in respect of all tenants by professional referencing agencies acting on our behalf. Any offer of a Tenancy is strictly subject to satisfactory references being passed.

Proof of Identity

You MUST supply us with one form of Photo Identification (Passport or Driving License Only). If you are a foreign national, we require proof of residency, e.g. a residence permit or visa. As well as photo ID, we also require a proof of address, i.e. a utility bill or council tax bill in your name at the given address. A UK Driving License does provide both photo ID and proof of address, provided the address shown and that given by you are the same. From Companies, we require a Proof of Identity of the Director or Authorised Signatory, as well as proof of directorship or proof of authority to sign. 

Holding Deposit

In line with the requirements outlined within Schedule 1, Tenant Fees Act 2019 you are required to pay a refundable holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent in order to reserve a property. The holding deposit will form a part payment of rent and the amount will be deducted from your first months rent that is paid in advance of the completion date.   

The purpose of the holding deposit is to enable both the landlord and tenant to demonstrate commitment to entering into a tenancy agreement on the terms agreed whilst reference checks and right to rent checks are undertaken. The holding deposit creates a binding conditional contract between tenant and landlord. Under this contract, the tenant agrees to provide honest representations as to income, tenancy history and references, and to enter into the tenancy under the terms agreed with the landlord. The landlord agrees to enter into the tenancy as per the agreed terms subject to satisfactory fulfilment of all pretenancy checks. The ‘deadline for agreement’ for both landlord and tenant will be within 15 calendar days from the date that the holding deposit has been received by the landlord or letting agent. The tenancy agreement must be signed by all parties within 15 calendar days from receipt of the holding deposit. The tenant will be notified of any extension to the 15 day deadline in writing. The tenant must request an extension to the 15 day deadline in writing. The property will be withdrawn from the market pending referencing and right to rent checks. The holding deposit will be retained by the landlord/letting agent if false or misleading information is provided which affects a decision to let the property and calls into question your suitability as a tenant. The holding deposit will be retained by the landlord/letting agent if you fail the right to rent check. The holding deposit will be retained by the landlord/letting agent if you withdraw from the proposed agreement. The holding deposit will be retained by the landlord/letting agent if you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter an agreement when the landlord and/or agent has done so. 

If we intend to retain the holding deposit, we will advise you in writing the reason for this within 7 days of deciding not to enter an agreement. The holding deposit will be refunded to you if the landlord withdraws from this agreement or the deadline agreement is not met. 


Client Money Protection

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Tenant Fee Structure

Tenant Fee Structure

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